The structure of the Order consists of the Supreme Council, the Metropolitan Councils and the Subordinate Councils in the descending order of authority.

The Supreme Council currently comprises of:

  • Supreme Officers
  • Metropolitan Councils, Grand Knights, Secretaries, Advocates and Financial Secretaries
  • Sub Council Grand Knights, Secretaries and Financial Secretaries

The Supreme Executive Board (SEB) is the Executive Arm of the Supreme Council and is made up of all the Supreme Officers, Metropolitan Grand Knights and past Supreme Knights.

Degrees of the Order

There are membership grades in the Order to show and give credence to seniority and knowledge. The Order has four degrees namely: First, Second, Third and Fourth Degrees in the ascending order.


Mathias Kalemba, dear Saint Mulumba
Brave Champion of faith for all Africa
Our Patron art thou do pray for your Knights
Your faith and courage to emulate.